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Picture of co-owner and ISA Certified Arborist, Eric Tartter, in a tree working.

The Importance of Climbers

I have been thinking a lot lately about the need for climbers in the tree work industry. Customers always ask if we have a bucket truck or lift, which we do, but these are not always necessary or possible to use on each job. I’ll provide an example from this past week. We completed a […]

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A picture of a tree removal job in Broome County, NY performed by Choice Tree Care. The tree is between two houses.

Tree Health and Removal

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions from homeowners about tree health and the potential hazards associated with an unhealthy tree. I assume this increase in worry is largely due to some of the big hurricanes and storms over the last few years. While they don’t all affect our area, they can certainly […]

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A picture taken from a crane of a tree service job Vestal, NY. The picture shows a person dragging a branch on the lawn between two houses as the person makes their way to the chipper machine parked on the street.

The Scottish Help CTC in Vestal, NY

The past week we had our buddy Stevo over from Scotland. Stevo is a very good climber and has been making the transition from double rope technique to single rope technique. This is a switch that I’m trying to do as well, so having someone to bounce ideas off of was very useful. We started […]

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A picture of the Eartec headsets used by Choice Tree Care.

Tree Service with Headsets

So this week was a small removal and trim-job week. I spent most of my time aloft chasing down deadwood or in the firewood pile preparing for the fall rush on wood. It wasn’t the most exciting week, so instead of recounting a specific job, I thought I would write about a small piece of […]

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A picture from the sky of chipping from a tree service job in Deposit, NY.

Tree Service in Deposit, NY

Today the CTC crew headed down to Oquaga Lake in Deposit to remove three trees for some repeat customers. We started the day with two dying sweet birches that were right on the lake. This meant no access for equipment and no landing zone for debris. The trees were situated on a small bank with […]

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