Beech Tree Removal in Owego, NY

A picture of the new CTC Bucket Truck with a 75 foot reach.  It's parked in front of a tan house in a residential neighborhood.

This past season we retired our old bucket truck and purchased a Teres elevator bucket. This truck has a 75-foot working height and incredible side reach capabilities. The truck itself is an 2002 International.

It’s freshly painted, 4 wheel drive, and has a winch mounted to the front of it. Aside from looking good, this truck is exactly what we needed to provide quicker service in response to the growing demand this past year.

One of the more memorable jobs with this truck occurred in Owego.

We tag-teamed a beech tree using the bucket in conjunction with Abbey’s 40-ton crane. The tree was enormous and as Brian (owner of Abbey) numerously mentioned, was the biggest tree he had ever picked apart.

Our elevator bucket allowed me to position the slings higher on the tips of the tree. This ensured that the picks were all properly weighted. The job went extremely smoothly.

Unbeknownst to us, the customer took a stop motion video of the job:

Below is a picture of the final pick, which weighed almost 6000 lbs.

Beech tree removal in Owego, NY.  This picture shows a 6,000 pound piece of a Beech tree being hoisted by a crane.

If you ever have a need for any type of tree removal in Owego, NY or the Greater Binghamton area, give us a call at (607) 652-3625 or email us at to schedule your free quote.

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