Benefits of Trees

A picture of a Northern Red Oak Tree on a sunny day.

Ok, I’m probably going to talk myself out of work here, (since the majority of our clientele requests removal of their trees), but I’m going to point out why trees are important to landscapes.

Most people know that forests are a necessity for life, but few realize the need for trees near houses and in planted landscapes.

Trees regulate temperature. Leaves and needles absorb sunlight, using all but the green wavelengths of light (this is why leaves are green). This creates shade and helps to keep the ground and air cooler.

Through photosynthesis trees transpire water. This also helps to cool the climate. With intelligent planting and maintenance, these qualities can reduce energy bills.

If deciduous trees are planted on the south facing side of a residence, they can block sunlight in the summer (keeping the house cooler). Additionally, this same planting will allow sun through in the winter (the trees are barren and therefore allow light to the house helping to heat it).

Evergreen species can be planted on the northern side of the residence as a year round wind block, helping to decrease heating bills in the winter.

Trees also mitigate drainage and erosion issues. Water that hits leaves and stems does not strike the ground immediately or with the same force that it would without these blockers. This means that the rate of accumulated water is slowed. This ultimately helps to decrease flooding and soil erosion. Tree roots also help to hold steep slopes together, promoting retention of soil.

These are just a few of the benefits of having trees on your property. I personally have very little lawn at my house and am planting fruit trees on what remains of it. I suggest considering the benefits of the tree you wish to remove before coming to an absolute decision.

However, if you have a tree that you need taken down, be sure to call us at (607) 652-3625. Choice Tree Care has years of knowledge and experience when it comes to tree removal in Binghamton, NY.

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