A sky shot of a tree service in Vestal, NY. The picture shows a house with white siding far below.

Tree Service in Vestal, NY

We started our day of tree service in Vestal, NY at a house on Powderhouse Road, just up the hill from Binghamton University. As you can imagine, the customer’s driveway was extremely steep, so getting equipment up it wasn’t easy. As a result, we did not bother bringing our bucket truck because we knew we […]

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A picture of the Choice Tree Care team running the remains of a fallen pine tree through their chipper.

Storm Damage Tree Removal

Many trees were blown over during the winter storm that came through this past Friday. The combination of high winds, heavy snow, and saturated soil created a situation in which trees uprooted rather than just losing branches. We answered our first call on Saturday morning. A cedar tree in Windsor had uprooted and was lying […]

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The main base of a tree being lifted by a crane after being cut by a climber.

Storm Call in Port Dickinson

We had started what was planned to be a two day job in the outskirts of Owego. However, Chris and I received a call from a lady with a branch that had landed on her garage. While Chris headed out to survey the job, I got the rest of the crew organized and we forged […]

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Beech tree removal in Owego, NY. This picture shows a 6,000 pound piece of a Beech tree being hoisted by a crane.

Beech Tree Removal in Owego, NY

This past season we retired our old bucket truck and purchased a Teres elevator bucket. This truck has a 75-foot working height and incredible side reach capabilities. The truck itself is an 2002 International. It’s freshly painted, 4 wheel drive, and has a winch mounted to the front of it. Aside from looking good, this […]

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Tree Service in Broome County post- A picture of Choice Tree Care co-owner Eric Tartter high in a tree over the roof of a house.

Tree Service Throughout Broome County

Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be the days that we book our harder jobs throughout the Broome County, New York area. This gives us Monday to get into the swing of things. Wednesdays and Fridays are planned to help us recuperate after the more demanding jobs. This Thursday was no different. We had four backyard […]

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