Mission – Choice Tree Care – Tree Service in Binghamton, Vestal, and Endwell, NY

Choice Tree Care is a company focused on improving the value of your biggest investment- your property.

Having I.S.A. Certified Arborist, Eric Tartter, on staff allows our company to provide you with the best advice both from a cost-effective as well as a long-term sustainability standpoint.

Couple that with the fact that Choice Tree Care is fully insured and you can be confident that you will be getting the best value for your tree service project.

A picture taken from the top of a crane looking down on three members of Choice Tree Care in orange shirts and hats.

We know the dangers of our work and therefore use the most advanced methods in our industry to safely trim or remove your trees.

We can remove dead and/or diseased branches, trim for optimal shape, branch structure, and prune for clearance over your home or outbuildings.

A picture taken high atop a tree looking down on branches being dragged over a plywood walkway past a house toward the chipper located in the roadway.

Despite our commitment to help preserve trees in the local area, we realize many times a tree can outlive its usefulness and become a danger to your home and family.

No matter how big or small, if your tree is a hazard, we can remove it for you. We can do economy take downs to help you save money or a complete removal including stump grinding, total cleanup, and topsoil work so that you would never know a tree was even there. The choice is yours.

Our knowledge, experience and equipment allow us to help you decide the best, most cost-effective course of action for the trees on your property.

A picture of a tree branch being lifted by a crane over the roof of a house.