Installing Trees

A picture of a young chestnut tree in a white container.

Most home owners call me about tree problems that could have been avoided at the time the problem tree was installed. Today, I will discuss things to consider when installing young trees.

Know the tree you are planning to plant!

How tall does it grow?

How much water does it require?

What kind of soils does it prosper in?

These are all questions designed to match the tree to the site.

Many times I remove trees that should never have been planted in the first place. One example is the over abundance of planted silver maples in our area. This species of tree is native to river banks and is extremely fast growing.

Silver maples plan on being flooded and knocked over, so they grow as fast as possible in order to produce seeds. This speedy growth rate creates weak wood, which is why whenever a storm rolls through many tops of these trees are broken out. Yet, many people have planted these trees near their houses because they grow fast, not realizing they are weakly structured.

It is also important to remember that a tree’s root system extends at least to its drip line and that the majority of roots are in the upper twelve inches of soil. Obviously planting trees near driveways can cause future problems as roots begin to push up the blacktop or concrete.

Lastly it is important to know your soil type. This includes ph level, moisture amount, and structure. Matching the sapling to the correct soil type will ensure a healthier tree.

My next post will be on methods of establishing new trees in order to increase future health and survival.

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