Mitigating Turf Damage

A picture of some standing water on a lawn with some mulched shrugs in the background.

Yes it’s wet out. As I write this it is raining. It rained yesterday. Two weeks ago we got 30+ inches of snow. The ground is soaked. If your lawn is not a pond, it’s probably at least a little squishy. Can we take care of your trees without turning your property in a muddy bog? You bet we can.

First off, I am a climber, so we do not need to drive our bucket truck over your lawn to access your trees. Secondly, we can lay down plywood roads for all our equipment. This provides a highway and prevents turf damage. We even lay out plywood in places where we are continuously walking, to stop grass from being trampled.

We have a crane. The crane can be setup as far as 60 feet from the tree and put down material 60 feet from the crane. Meaning a tree can be removed and pieces can be transported as far as 120 feet before they touch the ground.

Our front end loader is outfitted with turf tires. These are wide tires that distribute the weight of the machine. The loader, unlike a skidsteer, articulates to steer. This minimizes turf damage. Moving material with this machine over a plywood highway creates zero turf damage. We pick up the plywood when we are done and aside from trees being removed or trimmed, you would never know we were there.

The bottom line is- we care about your property. That’s why we take all these steps to ensure that your trees are taken care of and no collateral damage occurs.

If you ever have a need for any type of tree service in Vestal, NY or the surrounding Greater Binghamton area give us a call at (607) 652-3625 or email us at to schedule your free quote. CTC is fully insured and has an I.S.A. Certified Arborist on staff to ensure you get the highest quality work.

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