Monster Tree Removal in Chenango Bridge

A picture of the 4 members of Choice Tree Care standing on top of the left-over stump from a huge pine tree they took down in Chenango Bridge, NY.

So Chris had a job he wanted me to look at with him to figure out the best way to set up our equipment. He picked me up mid-morning on a Saturday and we went over to Chenango Bridge to look at this pine tree.

We pulled into the neighborhood, which was forested predominantly with pines, and I said, “the one.” It was a monster that soared above everything else. We looked over the job and scheduled it for that coming Tuesday.

We brought the bucket truck, crane, and dump with chipper behind it to the job. We had previously parked the loader on site for moving the wood out of the backyard. I started removal of this monster by bringing in the bucket and cutting and chucking as much as I could reach.

I maxed the bucket out at 55 feet. At this point I still had more than half the tree above my head and was still looking at a 5 foot diameter log. The tree had not shrunk at all.

As planned, we pulled the bucket truck out and the crane in. We picked a couple branches out of the way of the crane’s boom. At this point we were ready to pick the tops.

The tree branched out at about 90 foot into three tops. We picked each of these separately and then went after some wood picks. I made it through one wood pick before I needed a bigger saw. I had been cutting with a saw with a 20-inch bar and I upgraded to one with a 24-inch bar. Needless to say, I was still walking my cuts around the tree.

We sent Vinnie to dump the dump truck and continued picking wood with branches attached. After two more picks, I was ready for yet a bigger saw. They sent me up the 395 with a 32-inch bar and I took two more picks with that. By this point the tree butt log was small enough that we could flop it into the yard. I hopped out of the tree and we chipped up the remaining branches and got the crane out of there.

I headed out to grab the log truck, so we could haul the wood, while the crew dropped the stub and forwarded the wood out with the loader. We had the monster on trucks by 3 pm. Of course we got a picture of us all standing on the stump.

If you’re looking for insured professionals for tree removal in Binghamton, NY please give CTC a call for a free quote. Call (607) 652-3625 and set up an appointment for co-owner Chris to take a look at the project.

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