The Scottish Help CTC in Vestal, NY

A picture taken from a crane of a tree service job Vestal, NY. The picture shows a person dragging a branch on the lawn between two houses as the person makes their way to the chipper machine parked on the street.

The past week we had our buddy Stevo over from Scotland. Stevo is a very good climber and has been making the transition from double rope technique to single rope technique. This is a switch that I’m trying to do as well, so having someone to bounce ideas off of was very useful.

We started off the week with a crane removal and dead-wooding job in Vestal. Stevo came along to watch and give me pointers. The crane removal went smooth, while the dead-wooding took some time.

The maples were old forest trees, so they were about 100 feet tall. I used single rope technique (srt) to enter them. Once up I set up a canopy anchor and continued to use srt to work the tree.

We finished the job with plenty of time in the day to head back to my place and do some recreational climbing.

Stevo tossed a line in a big oak and went up to secure a canopy tie in. He then pulled a rope of for me and I went up.

We spent a good hour or so working on srt techniques and redirects. In fact we got a chance to work on our climbing techniques just about every day after the work this past week.

I learned quite a bit from these sessions. It’s always helpful to see how someone else climbs and be able to learn from them.

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