Storm Call in Port Dickinson

The main base of a tree being lifted by a crane after being cut by a climber.

We had started what was planned to be a two day job in the outskirts of Owego. However, Chris and I received a call from a lady with a branch that had landed on her garage. While Chris headed out to survey the job, I got the rest of the crew organized and we forged ahead to Owego.

I wanted to at least get the tree in Owego down and only leave the stump grinding and wood removal for the second day. Fortunately, my crew and I were successful in this endeavor while Chris got the details together for the emergency branch removal and booked it for the following day.

The branch removal turned out to be a major lead that had ripped out of a white oak tree. The lead was about two foot in diameter and 50 foot long (more like a small tree). We laid out plywood through the neighbors yard and backed the crane in on it. After positioning the chip truck and chipper, we were able to get to work.

Chris hoisted me into the standing part of the tree and we worked on removing that first. Once this part of the tree was removed, we were able to re-position the crane to pick off the branch on the garage roof. I slung it and Chris put about 1000 pounds of pressure on it. At this point the branch was stabilized, so I walked around cutting anything I could reach. This was able to significantly decrease the weight of the limb. After safely reducing the branch down to the remaining log on the roof, Chris cabled up and plucked it off the roof. Even after all this, it still weighed about 2500 pounds!

Once all of the wood was set into the back of the log truck, the plywood was picked up, and the yard was raked, we were ready to head back to Owego to finish up.

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