Storm Damage Tree Removal

A picture of the Choice Tree Care team running the remains of a fallen pine tree through their chipper.

Many trees were blown over during the winter storm that came through this past Friday. The combination of high winds, heavy snow, and saturated soil created a situation in which trees uprooted rather than just losing branches.

We answered our first call on Saturday morning. A cedar tree in Windsor had uprooted and was lying on the homeowner’s roof. Unfortunately for us, there was no way to access it with our equipment. After carefully climbing up as much of the cedar as possible, I climbed up a nearby spruce and installed a block and rope about 40 feet off the ground.

We tied one end of the rope to the tip of the cedar, sent it through the block and then back down to our GRCS (a winch like the ones used on sailboats to tension up sails). By using this setup we were able to lift the tree off the roof and into the customer’s backyard without doing any damage to his home.

The next call was for a pine tree that had uprooted and was lying across a brand new driveway. Due to the position of how the tree had landed, this ended up being quicker and easier. Using our loader we were able to lift the tree up in sections and carry it out to the street to be chipped. As a result, not a single branch was dragged on the brand new driveway.

Tomorrow we head to Owego for some more uprooted trees.

A picture of a pine tree that had been uprooted and fallen across the driveway to a home in Windsor, NY.

If you ever have a need for any type of tree service in Vestal, NY or the surrounding Greater Binghamton area give us a call at (607) 652-3625 or email us at to schedule your free quote. CTC is fully insured and has an I.S.A. Certified Arborist on staff to ensure you get the highest quality work.

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