The Importance of Climbers

Picture of co-owner and ISA Certified Arborist, Eric Tartter, in a tree in Broome County working.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the need for climbers in the tree work industry. Customers always ask if we have a bucket truck or lift, which we do, but these are not always necessary or possible to use on each job.

I’ll provide an example from this past week. We completed a two-day job on Binghamton’s Southside, where most of the trees were right along the driveway.

Although we could get our truck to them, the driveway was just too steep to safely put down the outriggers without damaging the driveway or flipping the truck. A lift would also have been a no go, in that we wouldn’t have been able to level out.

I climbed these trees because it was the only way. To be done safely, this job required a climber.

The other difficult thing about using a lift or a bucket truck to remove a tree is that one has added an obstacle to work around. In some of the area that material could have been landed there is now a piece of equipment.

With a climber in a tree, there is no added obstacle to work around, leaving a much bigger drop zone. This increases the ease at which material can be processed and removed translating to increased speed of the ground crew.

Chris and I have made the call numerous times to send me up a tree instead of using our bucket if the only drop zone would have the truck in it. It just makes the job flow much smoother.

It is my belief that there will always be a need for climbers. No piece of equipment will be able to get everywhere and not be in the way.

A more important question to a tree service is: do you climb? You can always remove a tree by climbing.

And, if you happen to be looking for a climber for tree service in Broome County, give CTC a call at (607) 652-3625.

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