Tree Service Throughout Broome County

Tree Service in Broome County post- A picture of Choice Tree Care co-owner Eric Tartter high in a tree over the roof of a house.

Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be the days that we book our harder jobs throughout the Broome County, New York area. This gives us Monday to get into the swing of things. Wednesdays and Fridays are planned to help us recuperate after the more demanding jobs.

This Thursday was no different. We had four backyard removals to complete throughout Broome County. All of them needed to be climbed and due to the grade of the slope, we could only get our mini skidsteer in.

I started up the most technical of the trees. This was a dying ash that was leaning over the customer’s house. I set up a block and lowering line in the top of it and then rappelled down to remove the maple below it.

This maple removal went smoothly (it was only a 35 foot tall tree). I used my rigging point in the ash to take tip-tie the maple in three sections.

Tip-tying is a method of rigging that makes the butt of the piece being lowered heavier then the tip. This means that the piece does not flip over, but instead is safely lowered cut-end first.

While I was removing the smaller maple, Chris had used our big-shot (slingshot) to secure a safe tie-in an ash behind a dead basswood to be removed. With the secure anchor point, the basswood stood no chance and Chris quickly had it on the ground.

Meanwhile I was now onto the mostly dead ash. This tree required quite a bit of limb walking in order to make sure the branches came over without hitting the roof of the house. I had no drop zone to work with, so every piece of wood was rigged.

After rigging out both tops I had to negative rig three sections of the tree. I was then able to swing the rest of the chunks of wood into an Ash behind it that Nate (our employee) had positioned a lowering line into. Once I got back onto the ground we all took a quick break.

Shortly after Chris climbed and pieced out the ash that I had rigged my tree into. We ended up grunting the wood out by hand. The grass proved to be very wet and we didn’t want to damage the customer’s lawn with the mini-skid. After finishing the cleanup we sent our employees home early; after all it was a long uphill drag.

If you ever have a need for any type of tree service in Broome County and surrounding areas, give us a call at (607) 652-3625 or email us at to schedule your free quote.

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