Tree Service in Deposit, NY

A picture from the sky of chipping from a tree service job in Deposit, NY.

Today the CTC crew headed down to Oquaga Lake in Deposit to remove three trees for some repeat customers. We started the day with two dying sweet birches that were right on the lake.

This meant no access for equipment and no landing zone for debris. The trees were situated on a small bank with a dock directly underneath them and a stone patio on the uphill side. Needless to say every piece of material was rigged out of these trees.

How CTC Approached This Tree Service Job

I (Eric) started up the smaller of the two, which was in the way of rigging out the larger one. I climbed to the top, installed my climbing line and a block with a lowering line, and then rappelled back down to the first branch.

From this point I worked my way back up the tree rigging out each individual branch, while Chris and the rest of the ground crew carried the material uphill about 300 feet to the chipper.

After dropping the mostly dead top on to the block and lowering it safely down, I started the task of negative rigging out about five foot long sections of wood. Once, I made it back down to the last ten feet of tree I was out of room for rigging, so I cut small sections and walked them down the tree and into the hands of my tired ground crew. Literally not a single piece of tree had actually touched the ground before being eaten by our chipper.

After a quick break I started up the larger tree. This one was more interesting. It was larger, had an electric light fifteen foot up and nailed in (that the homeowner wanted saved), and bee’s nest 20 foot up.

Fortunately we carry bee spray, so with only one sting I was able to do away with that obstacle. The electric light proved a bit more difficult to remove. Yanking out nails that have been buried in a tree while aloft is not easy, but I managed to lower it down.

After this obstacle the rest of the tree was removed without a hitch. I once again finished the last ten free or so by cutting chunks and climbing down with them until they could be reached by the ground crew. Once I was on the ground, we all took a longer break and enjoyed the now increased view of the lake.

Tree Removal- The Final Job

We finished the day with another sweet birch removal. This one was completely dead and a hazard. Luckily it was near the road, so we could get our bucket truck to it.

Chris worked the tree this time, while I worked ground. We left the rest of our crew down by the lake to rake up the sawdust from the other two trees. Chris quickly limbed the tree out, rigged out each top, and then chunked down the wood. There was a nice open drop zone for this tree, so things went very quick.

After the tree was down, we moved the bucket out of the way and backed in our F550 dump truck. We threw the wood from all three trees on this truck, did the final rake-up, and waved goodbye to our customers; all in all and nice day on the lake.

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