Tree Service with Headsets

A picture of the Eartech headsets used by Choice Tree Care.

So this week was a small removal and trim-job week. I spent most of my time aloft chasing down deadwood or in the firewood pile preparing for the fall rush on wood.

It wasn’t the most exciting week, so instead of recounting a specific job, I thought I would write about a small piece of equipment we added this year. Although it’s not a piece of equipment used to actually take down a tree, it has significantly increased production, safety, and morale.

What am I talking about?

Headsets. In January we outfitted our helmets with motorcycle communication devices. Our job sites are generally pretty noisy (chainsaws are going and the chipper is running). These allowed us to communicate among ourselves without shouting or using hand signals.

We have since upgraded our system to the Eartech headsets, which are also used by coaches in the NFL. These have been great so far. Unlike the motorcycle headsets, the Eartechs are much better at background noise cancellation. It also allows the user to shut off their microphone. This means if one of us is working right next to the chipper the rest of us don’t have to hear it.

The Eartech system also has a much better range. Specifically, they’re extremely useful for crane-work, where I am sometimes 100 vertical feet from the crew and 300 or more horizontal feet from them.

Aside from being able to relay key instructions and point out possible dangers, we are actually able to joke and talk to each other. This has boosted the morale of the entire team.

We’ve found our customers are much happier with a quiet and happy crew, not one that is shouting at each other just to be heard over the noise of the job site.

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