Tree Service in Vestal, NY

We started our day of tree service in Vestal, NY at a house on
Powderhouse Road, just up the hill from Binghamton University.

Tree Service Vestal, NY Post- View from the top of a Fir Tree after roping out the top.  The picture shows a house with white siding far below.

As you can imagine, the customer’s driveway was extremely steep, so getting equipment up it wasn’t easy. As a result, we did not bother bringing our bucket truck because we knew we would not be able to level it out to ensure its safe function. Due to the nature of the terrain, we decided that the tree needed to be climbed. Fortunately, we were able to back our smaller dump truck with chipper up near the tree. So that made debris removal much faster and easier.

The tree itself was a quadruple stem Red Maple. The area of concern was two of the stems leaning directly over the house. Due to the positioning, the landing area for the branches was tight. Next to his house, the customer had a Japanese Maple and treasured flower garden directly under the tree. As with any job, we were focused on leaving the customer’s property the way we found it. Needless to say, every branch and piece of wood was rigged out of that tree to ensure there was no damage to the Japanese Maple or flower garden.

To start, I ascended to the top of the most convenient stem to rig myself to. From there I installed a block and lowering line. This spot would enable my team to deposit material directly between the house and garden. After the pulley was installed I began removing the limbs form the two stems over the house. This was accomplished by a combination of tip tying and balancing tying. These techniques allow the limbs to be pulled towards the rigging point instead of being tipped over. They are especially useful tools in tight situations like this.

After removing the limbs, I then dropped the tops onto their own block, made from a pulley I had installed. I was then able to redirect the rigging line into on the stem of these tops. I did this because the distance between the stem I was working and the original rigging point was too long to safely rig to. I had tied a tag line on to the tops prior to felling them, so the guys were able to pull them into the safe landing zone.

Once the tops were removed, I negative rigged two sections of wood. I was then able to tip tie the rest of the wood back to the original rigging point. Once the two house-side stems were removed, the rest of the tree became much easier to dismantle. I was able to tip tie one of the stems and remove it in one cut. This divided its weight between two blocks. I then climbed back up and took the tops out of the two remaining stems. I was then able to rig the wood out of the lead directly over the flower garden. I finished up by cutting and dropping little pieces of the last stem into a safe drop zone.

Due to the steepness of the slope, we had to load the wood by hand. With a bit of sweating and grunting the guys and I had everything loaded in ten minutes. At this point Mike showed up with his self propelled stump grinder, perfect for these tight situations. He started in on the stump, while we began the initial cleanup process. It took him about thirty minutes to tackle the stump and remove all the feeders. We cleaned up the mulch, did our final raking, and left this first job a bit after noon.

Tree Service in Vestal, NY – Jobs 2 and 3

Tree Service Vestal, NY Post- A picture of a 2,500 pound tree stump being hoisted by a crane.

The next two jobs were off of Rano Boulevard. The first one was a backyard double stem Fir Tree that had to be removed. I strapped on my hooks and worked by way up the tree, cutting branches as I went. Once I got to the top I installed a block on the stem furthest from the house. I rigged the top of the stem of the over the house into the block. I then tipped tied sections of wood and rigged them into the block as well. Lastly, I climbed back up the other stem. From there I was able to drop that top onto the block and chunk down the wood.

Unfortunately, we had to move the wood manually on this tree as well. I had Vinnie back our 550 dump truck into the driveway and we carried wood out from there. Fir Tree wood is much heavier than other species of conifers. So needless to say, this was not the fun part of the job. Once we were done sweating, Mike brought his machine in and went after the stump. This one took only about twenty minutes to complete. We cleaned up the mulch, loading it into the back of the dump truck, did our final raking and waved goodbye to the customer.

The final job was around corner. The Spruce Tree was deep in a downhill backyard. The tree had uprooted during the recent windstorms, so this time I remained on the ground. We quickly cut the tree up and dragged the debris to the chipper. Once all the material was out of the way, Mike came in and ground out the root ball. This stuff was heavy! Saturated soil mixed with wood chips loaded into a trashcan to be carried out is not fun. We got it done though; after all it is part of the job. Luckily, this was the last job of the day. We were all spent at this point!

After cleaning up and blowing off the customer’s driveway, I sent the guys to dump the trucks. I left and headed back to our lot to prepare for the next day. It had been a hard day of manual labor, but with the ground being as saturated as it was, it was probably best to do things by hand. Bringing in heavy equipment would have left ruts, no matter how much plywood we put down. All three customers were very happy with the work and that’s what matters most to us.

If you ever have a need for any type of tree service in Vestal, NY or the surrounding Greater Binghamton area give Choice Tree Care a call at (607) 652-3625 to schedule your free quote. We’re proud to have I.S.A. Certified Arborist, Eric Tartter, on staff. For more information on how to select an arborist, visit New York State’s DEC page (page opens in new window).

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